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Does it feel like you're in a career maze? We can help!

Get a Powerful, Practical and Proven Career System to Explore,
Define and Lift Your Career to the Next Level

People in careers all over the world have shared their career management frustrations that include the following:

  • Companies change their corporate strategy often, and so the employees end up being mismanaged, without ever fulfilling their career plans
  • Employees are working longer and harder than ever yet they don’t get the recognition, it feels like they are being taken for granted
  • People are spending excessive amounts of quality time commuting to and from work and they would rather spend the time in a more productive way
  • The company reduces the learning and development budget, and so employees remain with outdated skills and no career growth or prospects
  • People lose the will to keep performing at their best, and they end letting go of accountability for their own career
  • You feel a sense of hopelessness and frustration.

There comes a time when we have to take career management into our own hands

 It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve got a three-part strategic planning, coaching and facilitation process that gets you energised, on target, and moving forward – with an approach that helps you take control of your career, develop your own blueprint, and improve your value whether you stay in your current role or get a new one. With this process, everything changes:

  • You have a clear career map and strategy, and are prepared to focus on the areas that have the biggest impact
  • You triumph over behavioural blind spots that could hinder your career
  • You have a framework for handling things that go wrong, so it never feels like you are at the mercy of the company again
  • Your career strategy gets implemented, and you feel a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction to see your career moving ahead
  • You feel recharged in your job, because you know where you are heading, and you feel empowered to make things happen
  • You have far more options than you realised, and you regain the belief that you do make a difference.

This coaching programme is perfect for anyone who wants to have a career that gives them freedom, fulfilment and growth

I made profound changes
''I would recommend Don to those who truly want to appear as themselves in the world, and are ready to make profound changes."
Nya Reid ~ Finance Consultant

Defined and achieved real results
"Thank you Don for helping me to define what were obscure and somewhat vague feelings and ambitions into real results”
Mario King ~ Director, King and D’Ath “

In control of my destiny and enjoy my work
“My career has shifted from floundering to flowing. I’ve secured a new job and increased my income by developing my better interview and negotiating skills. He showed me how to set up a career plan that focuses on what I love in my whole life and not just in the office. Now I am in control on my own destiny and enjoy my work every day!”
Siso Sibanda ~ IT Professional

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Whether you want to stay with your existing company or you want to make a career change and with choices you will love, this programme is for you! Take control of your career and create the future you will enjoy!
Technology is driving massive changes in employment. There has never been a better time for you to drive changes in your career too. Your career can become something you grow from rather than something you get through. 

When: Programme starts January 2015!

How: All of your coaching sessions will be delivered in a private skype call


    6 live coaching sessions (12 weeks of coaching)
    Weekly after action review emails to keep a checkpoint on your status
    Private Video Membership Site For All Members to review content on computer, laptop and smartphone
    BIG discounts on your store (if you need one)
    Special COPYWRITING secrets never taught before by Sandi for eCommerce
    Step By Step eCommerce Marketing