Your Career Change Is Already Happening: Didn’t Anyone Tell You?

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Your Career Change Is Already Happening: Didn't Anyone Tell You?

By Donovan Grant

"If you do not feel yourself growing in your work and your life broadening and deepening, if your task is not a perpetual tonic to you, you have not found your place"

Orison Swett Marden

The old agreement between employees and employers has changed. Possibly for good. This should not be seen as a bad thing. What this opportunity offers is for you to reclaim your power and get what you want out of your career. Your future lies in your hands.

The employers are no longer doing their best to keep you as a prised asset. They are quite happy to pay you just enough to keep you happy doing the job that you do. Your future, your career, your employability is in your hands! This is happening all around us whether you like it or not.

Most companies have already made a noticeable shift and they have told their employees openly “manage your own career.” Sadly, some companies have used the stealth technique, made a shift and left the employees to find out the hard way. The thing is, that no matter how you find out about changes in career and new directions for your company, it’s already happening. I would highly recommend that you lean in closer and listen to what’s going on. If you don’t, you may find yourself being left behind and still playing by the rules of the 20th century.

Just last week I spoke to a friend, Earl who works as an Audio IT expert for a large multi-national company in the media industry. He mentioned that despite the company doing well, he hadn’t received a decent pay rise for years, he hadn’t had any training courses for over 18 months and he had literally been doing the same job for the last three years. He went on to say that he felt de-skilled and some days he falls asleep at his PC due to monotony and boredom. I had to ask him… “Earl, why do you stay?”

I totally understood his reply because he does have a wife, two children and a mortgage to take care if.

“The job is comfortable for me, the money is very good considering what I do and to be honest, I’m not sure what else I would do if I left here. Remember I am 42 years old.”

After our meeting I wondered how many other people share the thoughts of my friend, Earl:

Stuck in a role that doesn’t challenge you,

Feel too old to try a new direction,

Comfortable and earning good money too.

Have you ever felt like this?

What would it take to break out of your comfort zone? I can understand that breaking out can sometimes feel like being in a Mission Impossible movie.

I know what it’s like because that’s exactly where I was. But the company saved me. They shut down my division and laid me off with 99 of my colleagues. Yes, we got 5 & 6 figure sum pay outs for severance. Yes, we got resumé and interview training. But, there was a rather surprising bonus for me from this bad situation …

I was no longer stuck in a role that I had fallen out of love with.

Let me explain.

It was only after I left the company and I started to reflect on what happened that I realised how long I had been cruising in my comfort zone. In my old job I was stuck, bored and had no real vision for the future and the company had been happy to pay us just enough to keep us happy.

Working with my career coach I began to create a new vision; I invested time and money in myself instead of sitting and waiting for something to happen. The most important thing was that I took action. Today I see my future with a ‘renewed focus.’

What vision do you have for your future? Fancy a new job? Want to start a business?

It’s time to invest in yourself.

Your future really lies in your hands.

What is it that you dream about doing and then you dismiss it?

When we get our vision in order, we invest in ourselves, we increase our value and we learn how to keep our career moving forward. Far too many times people spend most of their time stuck on the career treadmill and settle for being just a shade of who they really are. Are you ready to get unstuck? Start with your vision, and just ask yourself what do I really want. Take action. Start today because it’s time to reclaim your power and get what you want out of your career!

Please add a comment below to share your vision for yourself. Also, if you have a friend who could do with a hand up instead of a hand out, send this blog message to them. It may be just the message they need to hear!

I believe in you and I believe in your dreams.   Thank you for allowing us to serve you each and everyday!

Donovan Grant is a "Honest and True Step By Step Career change" expert. His systems help the average career changer as well as high flier get extra-ordinary results quickly.




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  • Michele M Tremblay

    Dear Donovan,
    Thank you for stating what so many people have learned the hard way.
    Investing in yourself and your own knowledge is a great step in the process.
    Connecting with your dream is another. Perhaps, the challenge many will face in the future is “What is my dream?”. I think that is the hardest part of all.

  • Jeannette

    Donovan, I love your message. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  • This topic freaks so many people out – thanks for making it seem not so scary for them!

  • Sue Graber

    Donovan, I can relate to so much of what you’re saying here. We were “forced” to make changes 5 years ago when my husband was downsized. We’ve had a roller coaster ride, but downsizing forced US to look at what we really wanted. Did we want to work for someone else the rest of our life, with 2 weeks of vacation, punching a time clock, hitting the top as to what we could make, being afraid to do what we were passionate about — It’s been the best thing that ever happened, and through it all we know that God has been there right with us, leading and guiding and showing us He has plans for us…that include our dreams!! Great post!

  • Anonymous

    That is one of the BIGGEST problems with a J.O.B. I am glad you rediscovered yourself!

  • Thanks Michele, you are so right about the dream. That’s why its best to get started do with your very question. “What is my dream?” This one question can definitely create a new vision.

  • Great stuff!

  • Yes Victoria, we need to start with bite size chunks and the story will begin to unfold.

  • Sue that is a powerful story and will be a great reminder to many, that adversity brings with it the seed of wonderful fruits.

  • Thanks Alisia, self-discovery is fun!

  • Donovan, I am really feeling your ideas in this post. Stepping out the comfort zone has always been a struggle for me, but that journey had to begin with the first step. Thanks for your words of encouragement and reminding me that I am on the right path. I’m walking it out with you.