Be Your Own Career Coach: Getting From Stuck To Success In Mid-Life

Be Your Own Career Coach: Getting From Stuck To Success In Mid-Life

By Donovan Grant


Today, more than ever an increasing number of baby boomers are finding themselves stuck in a job role that is no longer exciting challenging or giving the growth they need.

Come to think of it, some people they have hit this wall on more than one occasion. That doesn’t make it any easier. What’s more, if you have never had this feeling before, your be just around the corner.

Let’s look at some of the symptoms:

  1. Work feels more like ‘have to do’ rather than ‘get to do’
  2. Spending a lot of downtime complaining about your manager or team
  3. Getting involved in pranks around the office
  4. Going home and without a feeling of fulfilment or satisfaction on too many occasions.

Simply stated, this is not a very pretty list!!

Here's an example…

Mike is an experienced Business Analyst working for a large international finance company yet he was not happy. He delivers one project after another and eventually each new project begins to feel like the last one did. It was interesting however there was no challenge and no growth for him.

Mike described it as “the kind of project I can do in my sleep.”

In fact Mike often found himself taking long lunches, ‘bitching about the boss’ and drinking more coffee than usual.

Having a secure and well paid job makes it easy to settle for second best for baby boomers. Have you been there?


In fact what can YOU do if you find yourself in this type of situation?

If you are, the honest answer is that it’s time to give yourself a career health check.

Here’s a quiz to help you get started today:

  1. Which way is my career going; upwards, downwards or sideways?
  2. Are your career goals on track for the end of year?
  3. What frustrates you most about your career right now?
  4. What have you already tried to improve your situation? What worked and what didn’t?

Take 5-10 minutes to answer these questions. One thing for sure: When you know how healthy your career is, it gets easier to know what to do next.

Our friend Mike, the Business Analyst had a career health check and decided it was time to get a new job! He managed to get a role as a project manager and this gave him the variety, challenge and growth that he desired.

Remember this- if you find yourself in this stuck place:

Don’t panic!

Don’t let your standards slip!

Don’t give up on your dreams!

To put it all together for you, make sure you manage your own career and treat being stuck as a RED ALERT!! Get a career health check!

Let’s make sure the baby boomers remain the memorable generation!!

I believe in you.


Are you a baby boomer? What do you do when you find yourself stuck in a lull? Please leave your tips in the comment box below. We love to hear from you!

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Donovan Grant Feb2013Donovan Grant is a people development expert, seminar leader and writer who brings his wisdom as an IT professional for over 20 years to coaching clients from the stages of career struggle through to career freedom. He is a committed leader who believes that we get more growth, satisfaction and happiness at work when we are doing what we love.

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