Career and Life Success: A Top Tip To Achieve Your Goals This Time


Career and Life Success: A Top Tip To Achieve Your Goals This Time

By Donovan Grant


‘Little’ can be such an emotional word. It’s a form of measure that sometimes can be used positively or negatively. But ‘little’ can also be an early sign of success.

The little things in life do make a difference.

When we start a new year there is often fresh hope… things will be better this time… I’m ready for the promotion… This is the year I’m going to be more influential… I’m going to the gym every lunchtime from now on!

You probably have one of these goals on your list. We all desire to turn that little hope into a great dream. And we can do it!

But hold on!

Have you taken time to reflect your personal development and growth over the past year?

Before you put last year behind you, grab a pen and your favourite notebook ponder on these questions (take 5 – 10 minutes and really do this).

What did you produce last year that went really well?

What did you produce last year that only had a little success?

What did you learn about yourself last year?

This may sound a little controversial and I’m going to say it anyway… sometimes you can be too hard on yourself. When your lens is focused on external results rather than internal, it is easy to sell yourself short and say “I had a bad year!”

Your natural tendency like all humans is to be more, do more and have more goodness in your life. And maybe because you can’t see the physical evidence of your little successes, you quit a project too soon rather than persevering. Then maybe you start again and pin your hopes on another new idea that seems like it will be a real winner!

It’s time to reflect on your internal success.

In what ways have YOU developed and grown over the past 12 months?

Maybe you learned new skills, are reading more regularly, eating and feeling healthier, exercising more, spending more quality time with family and friends.

Isn’t it funny that many of us see our internal success as little success? In reality our personal development and growth is as big as it gets.

Keep nurturing your hopes and stay focused and committed to your dreams. The best is yet to come.

It’s over to you now:

So take some time to reflect on all your great personal growth and success that you’ve had this past year. As Stephen Covey said “internal success precedes external success!”

It's a new year! #BEGREAT 


What's your thoughts? Is internal success important for you? What is one little thing that you need to nurture towards greater results? Share your ideas in the comments below. We love to hear from you.

Donovan Grant Feb2013Donovan Grant is a people development expert, seminar leader and blogger who brings his blend of coaching, training and over 20 years in IT to inspire clients whose careers are stuck and need a push to get back on track or make the career change happen. He is a committed leader who believes that we get more growth, satisfaction and happiness when we are using our strengths and doing what we love.

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  • Sandra Jones

    Thanks for sharing this great article. All too often we forget to take time to reflect on the achievements and give up way too early when things haven’t gone as planned. The key is finding the balance to appreciate more about our achievements and critcise less when things don’t go as planned.

  • Thanks for popping by Sandra. I love the way you put that ” appreciate more and criticise less” ~ that’s a big lesson for us all.