How To Make Your Career Really Rock This Year

How To Make Your Career Really Rock This Year

By Donovan Grant

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If you are serious about having a happy and successful career, RESEARCH YOURSELF.

Take note of what you do online, be aware of how you talk and in particular listen to what you say about life. Awareness, focus and distinction is a successful career plan.

Too many people in career transition have been blinded by motto of ‘have a great CV (resumé), interview skills, research the company and more. Before you realise it, you get caught up with all the external cosmetic stuff and you forget about what’s on the inside.

Who you are? What are you about? What do you want to do next?

As a speaker, coach and copywriter I've been privileged to work with some great people as they have struggled through career transition.  The most essential clue I can pass onto you is this- get to know yourself. Raise your awareness.

Focus on what makes you distinctive more than you focus about your colleague’s success, your lack of job prospects and how well written your CV is. It’s amazing, when you do this, your career vision will become clear, your life will have greater purpose, your quality of work will increase and you will have fun and success in your career transition.


From my heart.


Are you in career transition? What is the biggest challenge for you? Have you got a secret tip that you can share with our readers? Share your ideas in the comments below. We love to hear from you.

DG_1080lowsqDonovan Grant is a career transition & high performance coach, seminar leader and blogger. He brings a unique perspective to help clients who are stuck in career & life to make better decisions and get back in control. He is a committed leader who believes that we get more growth, satisfaction and happiness when we are using our strengths and doing what we love.


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