Keeping Your Children Learning & Growing: Let’s Get Back To Basics

Keeping Your Children Learning & Growing: Let's Get Back To Basics

By Donovan Grant

A great teacher can make all the difference to your learning!

I’m sure that you have a favourite teacher from your own school days. We all do. Isn’t it amazing that we can still vividly recall some of those fun times? Even though it was long ago for some of us!

Some people have said that learning comes naturally to children. They are learning something new all the time. The thing is though that we all learn in different ways and at different speeds.

Have you ever been in a classroom and felt like that everything the teacher taught seemed to be gibberish? I know that I have, for sure. Sometimes we just don’t understand because we are out of sync with the teacher and none of us realise it.

When this happens for our children, they suffer.

Many children will begin to have worries and doubts “I’m no good at this subject” or some may turn elsewhere for blame “the teacher is useless”.

Whatever the reason, the most important thing here is the development of the child.

My daughter Nadine started having car driving lessons a few months back. They are going really well now! I wouldn't have been able to say that a little while back. You can’t blame her though, because she’d always been a back seat passenger in our family car. She’d never even sat in the driver’s seat before.

Nad, would be the first to admit that she didn’t know much about being a driver. After her first few lessons she would return home and say “dad, I don’t like driving, it’s too hard!” We would answer in the nicest way parents do and say “don’t worry darling, it will get better.” Luckily she believed in us and we believed in her. Hey! When you are paying for your child to learn, you had better have belief in them!

Do you remember the last time you had to learn a new skill? How was it for you?

No matter how hard it was in the beginning, you still managed to progress to a point where it became easier.

It happened for Nad too…

“Mum, I turned the car around today”

“Guess what, today I drove at 40 miles per hour”

“Hey dad, I did my first parallel park!”

Yay! She was learning step by step and results came quickly. More practice, more skill and more confidence. She wasn’t ready to go it alone but she was feeling better about herself.

This is a cool part of learning because you feel as though you are getting to grips with your new skill and then crash!! It all starts to go wrong. Your teacher tells you that you’re making lots of mistakes, you start getting upset and you lose the edge. In fact you feel a bit stuck, because all of a sudden you’re not getting any better.

When we stop improving, it can make us feel unworthy.

For a young teenager, it was difficult to understand. “What do you mean, it gets harder to get better because I’m improving?” She had to trust my experience on this one.

“Honey you just need to keep doing, the basics over and over again. Then soon, you’re going to see more changes.”

Jen and I have both noticed that our daughter no longer complains about her instructor. Her stories are now about “the rubbish drivers on the road!” This is a good sign as it means that she has moved to another level in her driving.

The best bit is that her instructor has advised us to enter her for the driving test. She'll be taking this very soon.

Learning a new skill can be frustrating, challenging and fun as we get better at it. Easy is not an option if it is a really worthwhile thing to learn.

Just like Nad taking driving lessons, you’ll naturally go through a few phases:

1.       First, you didn’t realise how little that you know

2.       You begin to understand what you are doing

3.       The right thinks become easier to you most of the time

4.       Finally you get really good at it!!

Some people say that learning is a journey and it is fun. A lot of people attempt to learn on the own and some prefer to have a mentor to share ideas and challenges with along the way. There is no perfect way to gain a new skill and we all have different learning styles. The key thing is having the desire to go for more!

Does your teenager have a goal that they are excited about pursuing?

It really is amazing to meet young people who are striving to grow and improve their lives in some way. On our coaching programs we get a chance to connect with some inspiring girls and boys and help them to move forward in their development. Our #1 mission is that the development of the child is top priority.  

Check out the rest of our web site to get an idea of the ways we help people to improve confidence, handle failures, develop their self-image and achieve more success. Also it would be great to get your feedback about one of your stories about learning. Leave a comment below, I promise that we will read and reply to everyone!!

Let's take the time to find out the best way for our children to learn new things!

We believe in you and your families.

Donovan Grant is a coach, mentor, blogger, speaker and IT professional who brings his wisdom of parenting for the last 21 years and coaching clients through the stages of raising youth and empowering leaders with life lessons that are changing generations.  He is a passionate and committed leader who believes that we all have the ability to help to change someone else’s life. Actively doing so as a catalyst for many years he teaches how to live a life of success, balance, integrity and fun, whether at work or at play.

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