You Only Get One DNA – Protect It!

You Only Get One DNA – Protect It!

By Donovan Grant

“A winner is someone who recognizes their God-given talents, works their tail off to develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish their goals.” ~ Larry Bird


  I invite you to answer these questions after watching the video . . . 1. What is the one thing that people ask you to help them with time and time again? 2. How could it improve your life if you were to really master that skill? 3. What one thing could you do during next seven days to improve that skill?     The Poem ~ One and Only You Every single blade of grass and every flake of snow is just a wee bit different there’s no two alike you know. From something small like grains of sand to each gigantic star all were made with this in mind to be just what they are how foolish then to imitate how useless to pretend since each of us comes from a mind who’s ideas never end there’ll only be just one of me to show what i can do and you should likewise feel very proud there’s only one of you That is where it all starts, with you….. a wonderful unlimited human being. By James T. Moore   I believe in you and I believe in your dreams. Donovan Grant

Coach, mentor, writer, speaker and IT Professional are just a few of the roles that Donovan Grant does every day. He is a passionate and committed person who believes that we all have a story that can help to change someone else’s life.

He is dedicated to empowering over-stretched people to go beyond work-life balance with strategies and tools for creating extra-ordinary lifestyles.

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