Don’t Settle For Old Habits When You Can Choose To Change Career

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Can I Do This?

 Don’t Settle For Old Habits When You Can Choose To Change Career

By: Donovan Grant



When we begin to develop a new habit sometimes old thinking can keep us in limbo,

"Will this work?"

“Is it really worth it?”

 “Why should I bother?”

Are a few of the questions that can try to eat away at your enthusiasm before you really get started.

What if, there was a special guru who had all answers you needed. You could just tell him your desires and ‘hey presto’ he tells exactly what you need to do. You could develop the new habit in an instant, with very little effort required. Just like winning the lottery. This guru would be the most sought after person anywhere and of course he or she would be too busy to help real people like us. A guru like this does not exist. No one can give you all the worthwhile results at the click of a finger. And besides, a quick fix alone is never enough.

The truth is though, that there a few steps that you can take to help create a new habit before the old belief patterns kick in again.

1. Find your why – It is important to be clear as to why you want to develop the new habit. A great way to check that is as yourself – will it make a big difference in your life if you had it today? If it will not, then maybe you will not have enough drive to carry it through. Because you won’t be motivated! You want to create a habit that will be useful to you in your life and give you enough reasons to get it done.

For instance you may want to start reading more often instead of spending so much time watching TV. You could choose to read non-fiction books in a specialist area of your choice. This would be beneficial to you because it will help your career or business prospects and increase your value in the market as a whole.    

Begin your habit changing idea by tuning in to WIIFM (what’s in it for me?)  Look at the idea from all angles and do your own ecology check. Make sure that you scratch beneath the surface. Get a feel for what it would be like if you were already experiencing the benefits of the habit in your life right now. This will enable you to get started quickly and build up the needed momentum so that quitting is not an option.

2. Protect your momentum – Can you keep going and really advance your new habit even when people say that you are acting a bit odd?

Take writing articles for a blog, for example.

Most people don’t do this, right? But you decide that you want to recapture your writing passion. You create space to write by getting up at 5am instead of 6am and by eating lunch and writing at your desk rather than doing lunch with your pals every day. It becomes a fun thing to do for you. However your buddies start talk about you and make you feel uncomfortable. Will you be able to keep on keeping on?

This is why your reason for upgrading to a new habit has to be big enough. So that when trouble comes knocking in the nicest way possible, you are able to smile and say “not now, my dream is not negotiable”.

If you can expand your reason for having the new habit, that will help. Are you doing it for better health? Are you doing it for better finances? Are you doing it for career change? Whatever it is, get even more clarity. Create a target date and have some form of measurement so that you can remind yourself that you are making the desired progress.

3. “I’ve done it! And now what?” – When you achieve your goal and the new habit becomes the norm that will be a great moment. Celebrate it! Look yourself in the mirror and thank yourself for keeping going. And then,… remind yourself of what you did for step 2.

You’ve got your momentum going so you may as well use it to take yourself to the next level. Since the time that you began creating the new habit, you will have increased your confidence and dealt with your momentum busters. You will have become a different person. You will have upgraded yourself in your own unique way.

This would be a great time to ask yourself one more question…

What is the one unique skill you have that if you developed it to it’s highest potential will reward you with greatly in your life?

Take time out and answer this question for yourself. And then get started. Keep the momentum. As Walt Disney nicely said “keep moving forward.”

When we get our habits in alignment, we discover that we are capable of far more than we have already achieved. We find our uniqueness, we find our passion and we discover what our contribution to the world is really meant to be.  Far too many times people get stuck in old routines and they show up in their career and life as less than what they really are.

"Can I do this?"  It's the question someone in career transition may ask them self. A better question would be, "What are my reasons for making it happen?" Now that you know what to do to upgrade in your career or life, developing a new habit will be a lot simpler. Because a big part of developing a habit is finding Your WHY?

Keep moving forward! Thank you for allowing us to serve you each and everyday! 



 DG ElbowDonovan Grant is a "Honest and True Step By Step Career change" expert. His systems help the average career changer as well as high flier get extra-ordinary results quickly.

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  • Great post! I like the way you broke-things-down in to “chunks” that were easy to digest, without making it seem overwhelming. Sharing this right now…


  • grantdee

    Thanks Thea, that’s the way to do it, bite size chunks!