Should you take a leap of faith in your career?

Should you take a leap of faith in your career?

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Many people come to the career crossroads where they ask themselves “is there more to life than this?” They get stuck in their career or life and they have a real challenge knowing what to do next. They feel ready to just walk out the door yet they don’t feel strong enough to take the step.

A great question to ask is why they got stuck in the first place.

You will often overhear people say “my colleagues are fine and the work is good BUT the company is not the place it used to be.” Or you may hear people saying “my boss doesn’t understand me and I don’t have any career prospects!”

There are a ton of reasons why and the interesting thing is the majority of them are external reasons. “It’s because of my boss.”

“It’s because of my company.”

“We don’t get career development training anymore.”

“Things have changed from what they used to be here!”

You very seldom hear employees saying it’s because of me.

“I have grown tired of commuting long hours.”

“I don’t feel stretched enough in my current role.”

“I need to do something about this before I become unemployable.”

Why do we seldom hear people sharing the internal reasons why they are where they are? Is it easier to put them blame on someone or something else rather than to look in the mirror?

This is not an easy question to face up to for many of us. One thing for sure is that just like the weather, we do go through four seasons in our careers too. If you have spring and summer you better believe that you will have autumn and winter to. It is a natural occurrence.

What season is your career in right now? Are you in the learning and growing of spring and summer? Are your reaping the satisfaction and fulfilment of autumn? Or are you going through the stresses and frustrations of the winter season of your career.

If you are in winter right now, I know how you feel. And please be assured that you are not alone. Many people are experiencing this especially in mid-career or mid-life.

You are the strongest link

There is a way forward. The challenge is, do you want to do about it? Whether you believe or not, your career management begins and ends with you. It’ not your manager, the HR team or People Development team, it’s all down to you. I know this may sound a bit harsh, but it is true. You have the power to move forward or stay where you are in your career and life.

Ponder on these three questions for a moment…

Am I clear what my personal career and life goals for the next 12 months?

Is what I’m doing in line with my goals and values?

Do I actively take full responsibility for managing my career goals?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it is time for you to take control. When things change in our careers, it’s because we change too. We have to reflect and listen to the story that we are telling ourselves. Are we making ourselves the victim or are we making ourselves the savour. We need to tell the story of what we really want to hear and not the story of who or what is holding us back.

Simple steps for success in your career

Here’s an exercise for you to reflect on over the coming week:

If I am in winter season of my career, what am I learning about myself?

If I am in winter season of my career, in what way am I growing despite all the frustrations?

If I am in winter season of my career, what simple actions can I take every day to move myself into spring in my career?

Should you take a leap of faith in your career?  Yes, if you have to and it doesn’t have to mean leaving your current company. It is possible to start changing your career outlook from where you are right now!

Do an assessment of your career regularly and do not rely on the company do it for you. If doesn’t matter if you are at executive level, middle management or regular employees. You are your own CEO so remember to act like one!

Let’s take action and focus your energy into being the best that you can be!

What do you think? What are your thoughts on the different seasons in the life of am employee? What are your tips to learn from winter season? Please leave your comments below.

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  • Found you on lifeofdad, great insights. It’s so easy to look to external factors and pass problems to someone else, and look to a boss or peers to influence me.