One Career Mistake They’ll Never Make Again

One Career Mistake They’ll Never Make Again

career mistake

By Donovan Grant

Back then, most people couldn’t manage their own career, so they would trust their line manager and human resources to guide them. That’s the way it always worked. They had annual performance reviews and development plans, but employees had no idea how much (little) progress they were making until they receive their annual pay rise or bonus letter. Just enough to keep them comfortable in their job.

Over a coffee, colleagues would complain about the large amount of effort they have to give for the small amount that they get in return.

“Why do we put up with this year after year?” one would ask.  

“Well, it’s a nice company and I’m too [fill in the blank] to change jobs now,” was often the reply.

It’s a new day now.

I see managing your career as the #1 duty of every employee to themselves. You might not have all the HR know-how or a manger’s title, however you do know yourself better than anyone else. With the experiences you’ve had in your career to date, you know what your needs and wants are in your career.

Are you the owner of your career management? If not, what stops you? Your age, your qualifications, your confidence? In a career path, the things we worry about changes over time. We’ll all get stuck sometimes. We can get bored of doing what is comfortable. And as a result your inner strength and drive ebbs away and end up going with the flow.

Although it may seem a bit late or difficult to take ownership and manage your career it is possible. Learning how to shape your career and ultimately your life on your terms is a precious skill for every employee.  


What is the one thing you can do this week to take back ownership of your career?

What do you think? How can you adapt your career management style to suit your goals? What other practices do you already use to ensure your career success? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Donovan Grant is a coach, mentor, blogger and speaker who brings his wisdom of over 25 years as an IT professional into coaching clients through leadership, business and lifestyle success strategies that are changing generations. He is a passionate and committed leader who believes that we all have the ability to help to make a difference in someone else’s life.

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