Never Outsource Your Career Management!

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Never Outsource Your Career Management!

By Donovan Grant

  “Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives” 

William James


Ever had one of those career days? When there's more 'crap' from your company leadership team than ever before? Don't worry; I know what it's like. Anyone who has been a good loyal employee understands the role of these messages in the company life. Sadly, however, many career management plans have been held back because employees have assumed that the leaders always know what’s best.

Remember this- your leaders do not necessarily know what the best is for you. They can be visionary. They can have the firm’s best interests at heart. They can even lead the firm to be the #1 in the industry. But to sit back and gauge your success and allow your career to be guided by every quarterly statement and annual results message is like putting up the white flag.

Don’t you sometimes feel like someone else is in control of your career? Or someone else is running your day? I would like to offer the suggestion that maybe you are seeing yourself as simply an employee. What would happen if you made a shift in your thinking and see yourself as a self-employed business owner? Or even better, how do you fancy being the CEO of your own career! Because that is what you are.

The thing is that as employees, most people easily get caught up with the day to day affairs and get so ‘busy.’ You see yourself as one of the flock in the company who are providing great service for a monthly pay cheque and a nice benefits package. The work can be interesting; however you lose sight of your own career management and end up seeing yourself as smaller than you really are.

This thinking can have a big impact on what you say and how you behave at work. This can lead to others to see you that way and they feel that it is ok to treat you that way. This is not on! Remember that even as an employee, you are still running your own business.

Are you ready to seize your power? Not everybody wants to be their own boss, but it could make life more enjoyable if you reclaimed your responsibility.

It is time to start actively managing your career rather than just be a good employee. The way how you think about your career and your role will become a reality. If you want to have a rewarding career, you need to treat it as your own business and not as though you work for someone else. If you see yourself as a 40 hours a week for 40 years lifer, that is exactly what you will get.

Now that is ok if that’s what you desire; a nice steady career, jumping through hoops and a regular income. But if you want more than that and you want to be in charge of your own career, then you might just want to change your way of thinking.

So, how would it feel to be the CEO of You Incorporated? Yes, you the CEO. The big boss. The one the buck stops with! Does it conjure up any interesting visions for you?

It may be scary to think of yourself as a CEO because in today’s culture the image of the average CEO is not a pleasant one. I use to think the average CEO was a 52 year old bald guy with a big belly, glasses and an ill-fitting suit!

When you hear the phrase CEO what thoughts come to mind? Some of the ideas may not be resourceful to you if you are like I was. So you may have to improve that view. From today I want you to see yourself as the CEO of You Inc.

What type of CEO do you want to be?

To the business world, CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer, but it doesn’t have to stand for that in your world. “What?” I hear you say . . .

Here’s why: You can choose what you want CEO to mean in your career and your life. As an example, you may choose Chief Entertainment Officer or even Chief Encouragement Officer.

A little while back I made a few of my own CEO acronyms to serve me in different roles:

Collaboratively Empowering Others

Creating Exciting Opportunities

Channelling Endless Optimism

These all came as a result of the coaching service that I was providing to my awesome clients. And they helped me to focus on what was most important, my clients.

So now it’s your turn to choose your own definition for a CEO. See if you can create two or three acronyms that capture the service and the value that you offer in your career or business. This is a really fun exercise that can shift your thinking about being the leader of You Incorporated.

Please leave a comment below with a list of your of favourite CEO acronyms, I’d love to hear how you get on!

I believe in you and I am grateful to you for allowing us to serve you each and everyday!

Donovan Grant is a "Honest and True Step By Step Career change" expert. His systems help the average career changer as well as high flier get extra-ordinary results.

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  • james samy

    Thank you Donovan for sharing the management skill . Your inputs enhance my knowledge after reading. Have a great day

  • Hey James, thanks for that. Sharing is caring!

  • I like the acronyms Donovan! Creativity is at work here, Chief Encouragement Officer. How about “Changed English Ordinary”.

  • Marla

    Love the quote you opened with, great read!

  • Thanks Claudia, I like that!

  • Cheers Marla, Old William James had a way with words!

  • Great article. Love the acronyms!! Never thought of CEO as another title now I do. Here’s what my CEO title means for my career: Continually Educating Others, Challenging Every Opportunity!! Thanks for Making Today Matter for others!

  • Jeannette

    I love the way you reframed the question and asked how we would handle being CEO of You, Inc. !!! Bravo!

  • Anonymous

    Great points.! thank you

  • Yes Jeanette, sometimes it’s useful for us to change the way that we see tings