Practical Parenting: Hold Your Head Up And Your Attitude Will Follow

Practical Parenting: Hold Your Head Up And Your Attitude Will Follow

By Donovan Grant

What is the difference between coming first and runner-up in a race?

Well it’s the same as when two students of equal ability that sat the same exam; one of them has been revising step by step on a daily basis for several weeks and the other prefers to cram it all in the last week.

What is it? Attitude. When you can create the right attitude and have it work for you whenever you need it, this can lift you from runner-up to first place in any challenge… It’s actually available to you now.

You’re likely to have had many times when parents, grandparents or mentors told you to ‘watch your attitude’. Be honest now, did it take a while for all that advice to sink in? Sometimes the best advice doesn’t go in straight away, but when it does "oh what a revelation." It’s almost as if we see ourselves through a fresh pair of eyes.

Let’s remind you of what you already know; you have attitudes that are affecting your results, and you need to change certain ones to get the results you really want.

If you can separate the power of the attitudes that propel you forward from those that hold you back, you will have the winner’s edge.

The thing is if it’s so easy, why don’t we have the best attitude all the time?

Well it does take a lot of work and to be honest, everybody has their bad days.

I remember several years ago 100 of us were made redundant from a major UK bank and I went through a tough time when I was very down and negative. One day I made a decision to change my life by changing my thinking. I read books on attitude and listened to motivational audios until I did indeed, change my thoughts and change my life. I also made a commitment to dedicate my life to helping others realise that we create our own destinies.

The thing is this- you and me, are the only ones who have the ability to change our lives and reach for everything we want both personally and professionally. And you know what; all we need is one tool…Our Attitude!

The following ideas will help you shape your attitude and keep you on track in life and business.

#1 Dream Bigger

We’ve all set goals in the past and some we’ve reached and some not. The question is do you have a goal right now and is it big enough. For many of us, we set ourselves a goal to run the race and finish in the top three. What’s wrong with getting 1st place with a new record time?

To help to fire up your attitude it may be that you need to think bigger and set yourself a goal that really scares you and excites you at the same time. When we can create a bigger vision of ourselves and our world life indeed takes on new meaning.

So, ponder on this before you move on… what goal can I set that excites me and would make a huge difference in my life right now?

#2 Be True To You

Have you ever had a close look at your life and your behaviours? What did you discover? If you are to achieve all that you want, it is vital for you to act in a manner that fits the cause. If a body builder spends tons of hours in the gym toning his muscles and then has a seven Big Macs for dinner when he gets home, that is not appropriate behaviour!

It’s the same for you too. If something doesn’t feel right, you’ve got to ask yourself “am I displaying the right attitude here?” It may take a little time to get in the rhythm. However, if you keep testing and changing; doing what is right for you, then you’ll be making a lasting impression on your own mind.

#3 Keep Moving Forward

No matter what comes your way… never, never, never give up.
Have you had days when “everything” conspires against you and you wonder if you’re really supposed to be doing this thing anyway? This is a huge alarm bell to tell you that you are on track. This is the time to tell that little voice inside to “shut up” because you are on the way to bigger and better things.

If your reason for pursuing your goal is big enough, then your determination will need to be big enough to match. From today, make it your duty to keep moving forward with your goals, your dreams and your life.

Attitude isn’t everything, but it is right up there with peace of mind.

When you develop a winner’s attitude it is not difficult, but it does take effort. Developing your attitude doesn’t take a lot of money, but it does need you to commit to taking small incremental steps every day. Choose your attitude and do what you need make it happen!

In the words of my mentor Martin Luther King “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

Let attitude work for you!

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I believe in you and enjoy serving you every day.

Donovan Grant is a coach, mentor, blogger, speaker and IT professional who brings his wisdom of parenting for the last 21 years and coaching clients through the stages of raising youth and empowering leaders with life lessons that are changing generations.  He is a passionate and committed leader who believes that we all have the ability to help to change someone else’s life. Actively doing so as a catalyst for many years he teaches how to live a life of success, balance, integrity and fun, whether at work or at play.

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