Quit Stressing Yourself Out At Work And Release


Quit Stressing Yourself Out At Work And Release

By Donovan Grant

It’s hard to know the impact that work stress has on parenting and in your family at home. Let’s face it; stress is like a thief in the night. It creeps up on you step by step and the minute you let your guard down, it bites you it the butt.

We’ve all been there… too much work to do, constantly on the go with the family and some people get stressed out performing and trying to look good in the hope that someone notices how good you are.

It’s hard to say whether 21st century parenting is any harder than the 20th century, but it sure is common to hear about colleagues who are in pain from stress. Did you know that stress can cause us physical and emotional problems? Have you ever suffered tiredness, headaches or general muscle tension for no obvious reason? Well my friend, it could have been caused by stress.

Here’s a great example of the see-saw of work, life and parenting- Just last Wednesday I had one of the best days ever! Everything went according to plan. Meetings were win – win. Emails in the Inbox had been filed or responded to and everything on the TO-DO list was done!!

Call me a ‘show off’ if you must but that was a one in a million day. In fact when was the last time you had a really amazing day? Now you may be one of those lucky ones who always has a great day, but sadly too many of us this is really a rare occurrence.

Would it surprise you to know that about a third of the work force is living with extreme stress every day? That’s right, 33 out of every 100 people you meet are suffering! It surprised me too!!

The funny thing is that my great day contrasts in a big way to what happened to me a couple of days before. Worked late again… on another project in the urgent and important box. One of the tough jobs in parenting is making the phone call home to share the bad news:

“Hi honey, how are you and the kids? I’m going to be home late tonight, catch you later.”

I don’t know about you, but I do not like making those calls. Your spouse may not complain about it; however you can sense the disappointment in their tone.

But here’s the thing that startled me the next morning. I was sat at my desk about an hour into the day and a text came in on my mobile phone:

“Hi Don, hope work is ok today because you seemed really stressed when you rang yesterday. Love Jen.”

How did she know? There I was trying to be the macho father not sounding disappointed about having to work late and my wife saw right through it.

Here’s the truth… as much as you try, you can’t hide stress from people that know you well. There is no denying it.

Let me ask you a question, if you’ve completed a full day’s work at the office and you find yourself having to work on for a few more hours, where would you rather to be ‘at home’ or ‘at the office’? Let’s assume that you said at home. If you have children at home you’ll know the disruption it causes when mum or dad comes home late again.

So, how can you tell if you are a sufferer? Well we all react to stress in different ways. Some people say it has a negative impact on both their personal and professional lives. Others report that it becomes difficult to manage work and parenting responsibilities and some act out of character and even have regular arguments with people close to them. With this in mind, wouldn’t it be useful to be prepared for when it comes your way?

These days we all need a variety of ways to distress, things that we can do to get us back on track (that don’t cause us to regret it later). What works for you? Reading a nice book, preparing your favourite recipe, listening to your favourite Whitney track, a walk in the park or even a nice long soak in the bath? There are a ton of things to choose from. Maybe you can just experiment and do something new!

If you’ve been feeling more work stress than normal as of late, then you might just want to look into your tactics for coping. It could serve you well to be open to finding new ways to rest, relax and recuperate.

Let’s take five minutes today to think of at least seven ways you can find to relax and release yourself from stress. You owe it to yourself.

I believe in you and your family.


What do you think? Have you discovered any cool and creative ways to relieve stress after a tough day at work? Tell us in the comments box below!



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