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Join us for the 90 day journey to your very own passion based career!

parenting new careerDear Career Changer,

There's a desire in your heart to do the work you love. You've had lots of great roles with nice salaries to match and you've even have a most awesome resume to prove it. But as time has passed by and you've learnt ways of making the job interesting and now it feels like time for a fresh start.

What do you want to do now?

The best way to find the career transition that is right for you is through accountability, with a coach. So we've created the perfect plan for you to design "Your Best Career" in 2013!

2013 Career Coaching 90 Program

This exclusive FireworkTM program is designed to focus on effective strategies and real results using a three phase approach.

1. Explore – Finding out about who you really are and your work preferences. This will ensure that you get very clear about what you must have to be satisfied and motivated in your work.

2. Dream – You get to generate many possible career options – using FireworkTM’s innovative and creative process. All this can be crosschecked with the key information you now know from the Explore phase.

3. Discover – Now you turn your vision into a sound action plan.  This will take you from where you are now to where you want to be. You’ll walk away with your ideal career action plan and a new spring in your step.

This is all about you finding out what you need to transform your personal value and marketability.

As a career coaching client, you will receive:

  • 90 Days intensive with 12 coaching sessions
  • One 45 minute one one one coaching session each week (4 per month)
  • Priority email support between calls (24 hour response)
  • Your Ideal Career starter kit


If you would like the ultimate in one to one careers coaching directly with Donovan Grant, please register your interest, the most effective way to find out more is to email directly at:
New clients accepted on application only.