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Hey fellow Toastmasters

I am so excited to welcome to you to my home at donovangrant.com.

Also, big congratulations for completing the speech craft introductory programme and making the decision to join Speakers of Croydon. Just by making that decision, it is clear that you are someone who recognises the value in investing in your future.

You’d be surprised the number of good people like yourself who have walked through our doors at Speakers of Croydon and didn’t make the bold step that you have. I congratulate you on believing in yourself and following through.

So as promised you are being offered a FREE 1-2-1 strategy coaching session. This session will help you create a plan to take your speaking, career or life growth to the next level. If you've been challenged to break through to the next level of success in one area, then this is your time to make it happen.

We’ll connect on Skype or phone and be focused on your number one goal.

The only question for you right now is which one will it be… speaking, career or life?

To take advantage of this opportunity, please reply by Tuesday 17th March 2014.

The way to do this is to complete the questionnaire below. Put "SOC Coaching Offer" in the subject box and click Send to email our support team.

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We will contact you shortly to arrange the date and time for the session.

This is your time and this is your year. It will be my pleasure to help you make this the best year ever!!

Your coach