Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching


Join us for the journey to make life more beautiful!  Or… Let us help you make the BIG LEAP beyond current obstacles 


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Dear Achiever

Many people have a dream and often times they reach the dream and are not sure what happens next.

You may have tasted success and learned new skills and yet somehow, it still feels like something is missing.

I know what it's like as a result of changes in my own career. Having spent over 20 successful years in the IT industry, I know for sure the times I made the most sustained progress were always when I was working with a personal coach. These weren't just quick catch ups, conference calls and To Do lists- but one to one interactions, into the deepest part of discipline and growth that a dream achiever knows about.  

The best way to get to your goals is through accountability, with a coach.  

So we've created the ideal plan for you to achieve "Your Big Dream" in 2013! During 2013 I will be connecting very closely with the clients who come on board in the Success Coaching 90 program.

We believe that by joining this program you will make life more beautiful!

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Introducing a real lifesaver program that helps you to achieve personal fulfilment while achieving your dream goal and balance in life, health and success!

Lifestyle Coaching 90 is for achievers who deserve the following:

  • Intensive one to one coaching experience
  • Create an exciting life
  • Understand the challenges that hold you back
  • Create a unique action plan to achieve the results you desire
  • Discover and use tools, techniques and strategies so you can move forward
  • Your personal certified accountability partner to hold you to the standards needed to make your dream happen.

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Lifestyle Coaching includes:

  • One to one personal coaching with Donovan Grant
  • Two 60-minute coaching calls per month (Skype video call)
  • Program lasts 90 days (three months)

If you would like the ultimate in one to one coaching directly with Donovan Grant, please register your interest, the most effective way to find out more is to email directly at:
New clients accepted on application only.