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How To Survive A Job Change Nightmare So Don’t Quit Within A Year

How To Survive A Job Change Nightmare So Don’t Quit Within A Year

It’s is your worst career nightmare! A super new job change that turns out to be not what you signed up for. The nice job title and great salary were perfect, however the job itself was not so.

No doubt about it, many corporate firms face a challenge recruiting the right talent. It’s also a big challenge for corporate employees to join the right firm. Even though the interview process gives you enough chance to connect, ask questions and figure out if the company would be the right fit for you, there’s nothing like experiencing the real thing.

What did you miss?

Remarkably, the departmental managers who seemed so smart and well drilled at the interviews can turn out to be far less efficient at doing their job. And then there’s a bunch of departments with conflicting priorities competing with each other. Or even worse the serious lack of clarity about the business processes.

The first 90 days in a company like this can feel like a very long time. And you may even wonder how did you end up in such a mess!

Sometimes these situations can lead to stress. If you’ve been a corporate employee for years like me, you’ll have seen colleagues suffering work related stress. It’s easy to get caught up due to tight deadlines, too much responsibility or a lack of managerial support. Some people try and tough it out, men and women. NO wonder they call us corporate soldiers!

But when you walk into a new job and this is what you experience after the initial ‘honeymoon period’, it can become your worst nightmare.

What perspective are you taking?

But here’s the thing: what if the problem is with you and not with the new company?

What! Yes, that’s right, what if the problem is you? Think about it, what if you are measuring your new company against your old one. It could be like comparing apples to pears. Maybe in your old company you had fancy offices, pleasant tasting coffee and a friendly buzzing environment; and the new office looks tired, the coffee stinks and the people seem more at conflict than connected.

Fair enough, but what if the problem is you?

Now, this may sound challenging to you, but how about it? Maybe, this is actually your time in life to grow to the next level. But, you are holding yourself back rather than releasing yourself from the past…

You are not alone

I remember a while back, a colleague, Pam and I changed jobs about a month apart. I’d gone in as a Senior Business Analyst and she’d joined as a Project Manager. There we were eager, excited and raring to help deliver projects, yet it seemed that the other departments were not quite as fired up as we were. It seemed as though ‘delivery focused’ meant something different in this firm. Frustration couldn’t sum up the situation enough.

The stress of working in this different way got to Pam, in the end and she went off sick for a few weeks. When she returned, she handed in her resignation.

What went wrong?

The main reason why Pam and other employees like her quit is a leadership issue. Self-leadership.

When we get out of alignment with our core strengths, we get vulnerable and start reacting to situations rather than responding. Instead of enjoying the challenge, we endure the problem. Rather than growing and becoming more we stay where we are.

You and I have the power to handle all the self-leadership opportunities that come our way. We have the power to work in any environment and deliver our best stuff no matter the change in circumstances we face.

We always have a choice…

  1. To quit
  2. Or to face the challenge head on using your winning formula

What is your winning formula?

How would you handle this new job challenge if it came your way? The simple answer is to be the best you, you can be.

Here’s a simple 3-step formula to help you do this:

  1. Get clear on who you are personally, professionally and psychologically – who are you when you are at your absolute best? The way you think, the way you connect, the way you behave…
  2. Show up to work in a 10 out of 10 way – when you operate at your best, you feel better about going about the day to day routine things. You prioritise, you focus and you deliver results
  3. Utilise all the success habits and routines that you’ve used in the past to help yourself and others!

This formula simple and effective and probably something you already know. The problem is people don’t always do what they know. So here’s your battle cry “let’s make it happen!”

So, what's next? 

Look- people like you and I change jobs every day. Some do it for money, some do it for status and some do it for more satisfaction in their life as a whole. Whatever the reason for change, you can succeed even in sub-optimal conditions. You have the power. You have the choice. You hold the key.

As the late Steven Covey stated, “there are two important circles in your life; the circle control and the circle of concern. The more you develop the circle of control, the less you have to worry about in the circle of concern.”

Be the self-leader you were born to be. And remember success starts on the inside.

Let’s make your next job change a success!

The Career Energiser

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Personal Branding Your Career For Success

Your personal brand could determine the future of your career. Aparently, career management and career design are out. Personal career branding is in!

If you’re like most people, you’ve heard the term ‘personal branding’ being used liberally on social media by solo-preneurs, small business owners and of course Mr Virgin, Sir Richard Branson.

Well guess what, it’s time for us employees and freelancers to become the architect of their careers too.

Why is a brand important?

Of course we all know what a brand is; just think Nike, Macdonald’s and John Lewis. The question we really want to know is why do we need to brand our career right now?

Simple answer: In this increasingly complex market place we operate in, people want to know who you really are well before they meet you. This actually holds true in career, relationships and life.

Social Media has changed the game for recruiters, companies and us the workforce. The result? You’re already in the spotlight whether you like it or not!

"Personal branding is about managing your name — even if you don’t own a business — in a world of misinformation, disinformation, and semi-permanent Google records. Going on a date? Chances are that your ‘blind’ date has Googled your name. Going to a job interview? Ditto.” ~ Tim Ferriss, Author, 4-Hour Work Week

What is your brand?

Simply stated, your personal brand is a blend of your personal values, attributes, drivers, passions and strengths. It’s the thing that differentiates you from peers and competition.

So, what does your personal brand look like today?

You’re not alone if you don’t have an answer to that question. In fact I remember during an career planning session with a former line manager and I told him “I really want to grow my career brand this year.” He looked at me as if I asked him to lend me a million pounds!

My guess is that most people are not taking time out to focus on their personal career brand. And it’s no surprise…, the company is not doing it for you either. Yes, you have a solid service history, healthy salary and track record of project delivery. But, what do people say about you when you are not in the room?

“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.” ~ Malcolm Forbes, Publisher

Determine your brand

So how do you set the game up in your favour? Discover your personal brand and give yourself a better chance of success.

Here are few great reasons to spend time focusing on your personal brand right now:

  • Get carity on what your perceived and actual value is
  • Makes it easier to map out your future career path
  • Helps you stand out as a specialist and natural leader
  • Raise your confidence and boost your image
  • Enables unique opportunities that did not previously exist for you

Assess your brand

Okay, let’s take a closer look at how well Your personal brand is rated today. Take a look at the five criteria below give give yourself a score of great or needs work.

Brand is unique: Does your brand offer a unique promise of a value?

Brand is consistent: Does your brand offer consistency in attitude and outlook?

Brand is memorable: Do you create memorable brand experiences that set you apart from the average?

Brand brings value to others: What is the value that you bring to your team and company that you are known for? How effective are you at delivering this value?

Brand is trustworthy: Are you someone who delivers time and time aagain and others can rely on you?

So how did you score your brand. Are you in great shape or do you need work?

Keep your brand visible

One thing for sure, most of the people only assess their career status at annual review time or when seeking a new job. By doing this, they miss out on looking after their career throughought the journey.

“All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” ~ Tom Peters in Fast Company

I’m inviting you to “do not be like most people”. Take a stand and become the architect of your career. Whether you are moving up, moving out or staying in your career role, look after your personal brand. It could well mean the difference in your promotion, bonus or even a new job.

So, what’s your next step in building your personal brand? My advice, take a look at any areas you rated needs work and get started today!

Your personal brand needs to be managed for life and not just for career changes.

From my heart to yours


Are you for or against personal branding in your career? Why so?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below – we value your honest opinion.

To learn more about career branding and mid-career transitions, contact us at donovangrant.com or send an email to info@donovangrant.com.

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AboutDonovangrantDonovan Grant is a Career Lifestyle Trainer & Coach and founder of Alantine, a company helping professionals to define their own path that is unique, genuine and memorable.

Your money or your life: Which would you choose?

Your money or your life: Which would you choose?

 career ladder stress

By Donovan Grant

If you want to earn the big career money, you have to get promoted. That has always been the bounty for climbing up the corporate ladder. Does it work? Yes indeed, I've done it myself and I've walked shoulder to shoulder with colleagues whose only dream was to climb the career ladder.

One former colleague Sarah, brought her career dream alive and got a fantastic promotion. More money, more responsibility and more stress! She got it all. The only thing was, she hadn't factored in the change in stress levels and now only months into the new role she feels like quitting. 

Many professionals make career moves without looking at the whole package. They look at the salary, the benefits and the work aspects however one ingredient is often overlooked. What impact will this have on my life as a whole?

No one needs to suffer when they move up or across the corporate ladder. To make it as smooth as possible they must ask themselves some serious questions:

What do I want?

Why do I want it?

What will the impact be to my life in and out of work?

Am I willing to pay the price?

Remember, climbing the ladder is okay if that’s what you want. And I commend you for finding your dream. Just like my friend Sarah found out, she did not want her outside life disrupted by her career. She spiralled out of control because she did not have a plan for getting settled during the first 100 days, she charged straight in. She’s learnt her lesson and now she is now sets the game up so she wins.

If you're in pressure situation, getting your stress levels under control is the remedy. The first step to make a list of your stressors. Then make the time to handle them, one by one.

What do you think? Have you had a stressful time with a new job? Have you experienced a career crisis? What is your top tip to handle it? What advice do you have for others? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

AboutDonovangrant 150x150 One Career Mistake They’ll Never Make Again

Donovan Grant is a coach, mentor, blogger and speaker who brings his wisdom of over 25 years as an IT professional into coaching clients through leadership, business and lifestyle success strategies that are changing generations. He is a passionate and committed leader who believes that we all have the ability to help to make a difference in someone else’s life. 

For more information about getting shaping and growing your career on your terms please click here.


One Career Mistake They’ll Never Make Again

One Career Mistake They’ll Never Make Again

career mistake

By Donovan Grant

Back then, most people couldn’t manage their own career, so they would trust their line manager and human resources to guide them. That’s the way it always worked. They had annual performance reviews and development plans, but employees had no idea how much (little) progress they were making until they receive their annual pay rise or bonus letter. Just enough to keep them comfortable in their job.

Over a coffee, colleagues would complain about the large amount of effort they have to give for the small amount that they get in return.

“Why do we put up with this year after year?” one would ask.  

“Well, it’s a nice company and I’m too [fill in the blank] to change jobs now,” was often the reply.

It’s a new day now.

I see managing your career as the #1 duty of every employee to themselves. You might not have all the HR know-how or a manger’s title, however you do know yourself better than anyone else. With the experiences you’ve had in your career to date, you know what your needs and wants are in your career.

Are you the owner of your career management? If not, what stops you? Your age, your qualifications, your confidence? In a career path, the things we worry about changes over time. We’ll all get stuck sometimes. We can get bored of doing what is comfortable. And as a result your inner strength and drive ebbs away and end up going with the flow.

Although it may seem a bit late or difficult to take ownership and manage your career it is possible. Learning how to shape your career and ultimately your life on your terms is a precious skill for every employee.  


What is the one thing you can do this week to take back ownership of your career?

What do you think? How can you adapt your career management style to suit your goals? What other practices do you already use to ensure your career success? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

AboutDonovangrant 150x150 Should you take a leap of faith in your career?

Donovan Grant is a coach, mentor, blogger and speaker who brings his wisdom of over 25 years as an IT professional into coaching clients through leadership, business and lifestyle success strategies that are changing generations. He is a passionate and committed leader who believes that we all have the ability to help to make a difference in someone else’s life.

For more information about getting shaping and growing your career on your terms please click here.



Should you take a leap of faith in your career?

Should you take a leap of faith in your career?

career change path

Many people come to the career crossroads where they ask themselves “is there more to life than this?” They get stuck in their career or life and they have a real challenge knowing what to do next. They feel ready to just walk out the door yet they don’t feel strong enough to take the step.

A great question to ask is why they got stuck in the first place.

You will often overhear people say “my colleagues are fine and the work is good BUT the company is not the place it used to be.” Or you may hear people saying “my boss doesn’t understand me and I don’t have any career prospects!”

There are a ton of reasons why and the interesting thing is the majority of them are external reasons. “It’s because of my boss.”

“It’s because of my company.”

“We don’t get career development training anymore.”

“Things have changed from what they used to be here!”

You very seldom hear employees saying it’s because of me.

“I have grown tired of commuting long hours.”

“I don’t feel stretched enough in my current role.”

“I need to do something about this before I become unemployable.”

Why do we seldom hear people sharing the internal reasons why they are where they are? Is it easier to put them blame on someone or something else rather than to look in the mirror?

This is not an easy question to face up to for many of us. One thing for sure is that just like the weather, we do go through four seasons in our careers too. If you have spring and summer you better believe that you will have autumn and winter to. It is a natural occurrence.

What season is your career in right now? Are you in the learning and growing of spring and summer? Are your reaping the satisfaction and fulfilment of autumn? Or are you going through the stresses and frustrations of the winter season of your career.

If you are in winter right now, I know how you feel. And please be assured that you are not alone. Many people are experiencing this especially in mid-career or mid-life.

You are the strongest link

There is a way forward. The challenge is, do you want to do about it? Whether you believe or not, your career management begins and ends with you. It’ not your manager, the HR team or People Development team, it’s all down to you. I know this may sound a bit harsh, but it is true. You have the power to move forward or stay where you are in your career and life.

Ponder on these three questions for a moment…

Am I clear what my personal career and life goals for the next 12 months?

Is what I’m doing in line with my goals and values?

Do I actively take full responsibility for managing my career goals?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, it is time for you to take control. When things change in our careers, it’s because we change too. We have to reflect and listen to the story that we are telling ourselves. Are we making ourselves the victim or are we making ourselves the savour. We need to tell the story of what we really want to hear and not the story of who or what is holding us back.

Simple steps for success in your career

Here’s an exercise for you to reflect on over the coming week:

If I am in winter season of my career, what am I learning about myself?

If I am in winter season of my career, in what way am I growing despite all the frustrations?

If I am in winter season of my career, what simple actions can I take every day to move myself into spring in my career?

Should you take a leap of faith in your career?  Yes, if you have to and it doesn’t have to mean leaving your current company. It is possible to start changing your career outlook from where you are right now!

Do an assessment of your career regularly and do not rely on the company do it for you. If doesn’t matter if you are at executive level, middle management or regular employees. You are your own CEO so remember to act like one!

Let’s take action and focus your energy into being the best that you can be!

What do you think? What are your thoughts on the different seasons in the life of am employee? What are your tips to learn from winter season? Please leave your comments below.

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AboutDonovangrantDonovan Grant is a coach, mentor, blogger and speaker who brings his wisdom of over 25 years as an IT professional into coaching clients through leadership, business and lifestyle success strategies that are changing generations. He is a passionate and committed leader who believes that we all have the ability to help to make a difference in someone else’s life.

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