Turn Your Job Loss Into A Career Change

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Turn Your Job Loss Into A Career Change

By Donovan Grant


Job security is a fading memory. The rules of the game have changed. Loyalty and experience are no longer viable currency for survival in today’s corporate world.

If you are in the 35 – 50 year old age group then it is highly likely that you will experience redundancy or getting laid off from your job at least once in your career.

It starts with a rumour going round the office and then before you know it, the formal company announcement. The cause is often muted to be due to a merger, a change of company direction, outsourcing of jobs overseas or just the old favourite; a downturn in the economy. No matter how they dress it up, the message hits you like a tsunami…

“We don’t need you anymore!”

Sometimes you see it coming, because in corporate world things get whispered in corridors all the time. But, if you weren’t listening, then I’m afraid it’s going to be painful. Your first question is going to be “what does redundancy really mean?” It means “thank you for your services in the past; we do not have any further use for you.”

The fact that they say ‘voluntary’ makes it seem as though you have a choice. Do I stay or do I go? But, who wants to stay on with a company that has said “we don’t want you?”

Imagine being in a relationship for a number of years and then your significant other says, “I don’t love you anymore, we are no longer compatible and staying together would be like going through the motions.”

Would you really want to stay in that relationship?

Here’s how it works: By the time the company announces the layoffs, it’s normally the result of 18 – 24 months of planning. It is never an overnight decision. It’s just that now the company needs your seal of approval.

The question on the company’s mind is…

“How cheaply can we help you to leave us on an amicable note?”

Based on experience, my number one tip will be to sort your finances out now!

You will need to do a personal audit and budget, pay off your debts, review your mortgage and look at any other income earning options that you have. As you have no control over the company pay out, by sorting out your finances in advance, this will prepare you for the period that you will not have an income.

Money always comes first on peoples list, but here’s the thing…

You’ll be surprised to learn that when a company says goodbye to a team, a department or a division they never get rid of everybody!

In general they offload about 80% and they keep the other 20%.

This means if the team has 10 members, they pay off 8 and the other 2 stay.

Or if the department has 80 people, they pay off 64 and the other 16 stay.

The top 20 % are valuable. They are specialists. They are as close as you can get to indispensible. The company needs them!

The bottom 80 % are generalists and have no real value to the company.

Now here’s the key…

If you plan to stay in the corporate arena, your #1 goal must be to get yourself into the top 20%.

Your job is to increase your value.

Your job is to enhance yourself in such a way, that your name will never appear on a redundancy list again. And even if it did, you will be so impact-resistant to it that it wouldn’t even matter to you!

How will you increase your value?

Here are 7 proven attributes that I took on and helped to increase my value significantly:

1.      Learn and master one new skill that resonates with you for a whole year

2.      Develop the art of public speaking

3.      Become a lifelong student of personal development and exercise

4.      Find a mentor or coach

5.      Read a non-fiction book at least 30 minutes every day

6.      Teach what you learn to someone else who needs a hand-up

7.      Take time to relax and enjoy a balanced life.

These, my friends, are skills that could lead you to a life that you have never even imagined before. You see, when we change the way we think (I need to get a job quickly) and we open our heart and mind to new things (I could pursue the career of my dreams) this is where your bright future awaits you.


Want some support as you look for what your dream career could be?


I believe in  you and want to support you with journey.



Donovan Grant is a "Honest and True Step By Step Career change" expert. His systems help the average career changer as well as high flier get extra-ordinary results quickly. www.donovangrant.com.

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  • Tiffany

    This is a fantastic article! I think if someone takes your steps they’ll be ready to fly solo. The choice of staying or going will be there’s because the skills they learn can be transferred to their own business pursuits.

  • Thanks Tiffany. You’re so right. flying solo and transferring skills is what is all about. Whether in corporate or not, we are all self-employed! Got to increas that value-

  • Hi Donovan, This is a must share since millions are being impacted by this daily. This can either make or break the individual, but I tell your, 10 tips will be very helpful.

  • Kathy

    I loved the tips you left Donovan! It was such timely advice. So many have people have been impacted by job losses or changes and they need a place to turn to for help.

  • Annie

    I saw my Dad go through many layoff in his life. I am not sure if he ever considered the advice that you offer here, but the plan is GREAT and I believe if he would have known, it could have saved him a lot of anguish! Really good tips!

  • Thanks Ruth. If it helps one person who has gone through this challenge and not found their solution yet, then it will have been worth it to share this.

  • Kathy you are spot on. The job loss figures are rising every day and if there is one thing people need when this happens, it is quality advice and support.

  • Thanks Annie. I am pleased to hear that your dad was able to bounce back from his lay offs. Resillience only comes by being able to take the knock, get the feedback and come back stronger.