Never Turn Up Late To A Meeting With The CEO

Never Turn Up Late To A Meeting With The CEO

By Donovan Grant

“You will never “find” time for anything. If you want time, you must make it” – Charles Bruxton

Getting to an appointment on time is essential. Whether you have a meeting with a CEO or with a clerical assistant, you have a duty to turn up on time and ready to do business. In fact your punctuality will say a lot about that type of person that you are.

Now don’t get me wrong, because sometimes we all turn up to meetings late due to reasons outside of our control. Stuff happens. If you’re reaction is like mine, you may go into a panic because you are someone who loves to be on time. If this does happen, it’s a good idea to ring ahead and let them know that you are running late. It’s always best to be honest rather than make up a good excuse even if you are worried that you’re going to be judged on the lateness.

Does lateness follow you around?

Just as an aside, are you someone who often seems to be late for appointments? The best advice I ever heard give was to set your watch five minutes fast. Hopefully, you will always be on time for meetings and you’ll finish all meetings five minutes early!

Anyway, back to the topic…as article is being written, I am sitting on a train and running 22 minutes behind schedule. I have got a meeting with the CEO this evening and will definitely be late. Everything was set up to catch an earlier train, what I didn’t build into the plan was being held up by a connecting train with a faulty door! It’s not my fault. It could not help it. It’s just one of those things.

What would you say to a CEO if you arrive late for a meeting?

“Sorry, I’m late sir; our train had a defective door so it was cancelled.”

It’s the truth, but it’s still an excuse and it sounds so feeble to have to say that to a CEO. I really don’t like to give excuses or being late!

The CEO is actually my 8 year old son Emmanuel. We do live in the same house and see each other every day just like normal families. Monday evenings have become special. We have an appointment that is called the meeting with the CEO. We discuss progress since last week’s meeting and discuss issues that have come up for the CEO this week. For example, last weeks issue was how the CEO could replace the funds that he lost because he broke mum’s glass ornament. He had been fined a large sum of pocket money and wanted to raise the funds to replace his loss. In the meeting we came up with the following plan:

My Ways To Make Money

Help wash mum and dad’s car                £3

Do laundry for sister                            £2

Help other sister with dish washing     £2

Do typing for dad                                   £1


Listen and be respectful

The CEO had it all figured out and he would report back next week. These meetings between us are quality time and we treat them that way. All of our other father and son moments between me and Emmanuel are normal family life and equally as important. However on Monday’s he’s the CEO and I’m his personal assistant. It’s an appointment that we treasure, we look forward to and we take seriously.

Taking time out with our children is important. If you are blessed with more than one child, then it’s great if you can have time where you can share with them on a one to one basis. When your children know that you care about them and are willing to make time and give them responsibility, they will grow even more. They will love you even more as a parent; and their self esteem will improve as they grow. When we share great character building moments with our children at home, this will spill over into school life and social life too. Let’s take time for our children and remember to be on time and be respectful when we meet them. Treat them like you would if you were going to a meeting the Mr Microsoft, Bill Gates.

They deserve the best!

Ps. The CEO forgave me for being late as long as I help him to do the dishes!

Let’s hear about your special moments that you share with your family by leaving a comment below. Your testimony could be just the inspiration that someone needs to hear right now!

I believe in you and I am grateful to you for allowing us to serve you each and everyday!

Donovan Grant is a "Honest and True Step By Step Work-life balance and Career Coach. His systems help the average career changer as well as high flier get extra-ordinary results quickly.

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  • Tamara Golden

    My husband takes each of our girls on a “date with dad” periodically. It’s his one on one time with each of them to show them they are special, plus he models the respect that they should expect from any men that come to court them someday.

  • marla

    Great article Donovan. I never used to be late to anything, until I had my son. It bothers me that i am sometimes now and am working on getting better! especially since i am to go back to work in june. Love the meeting you have with your son, what a great way to get him to be accountable.

  • Anonymous

    Love the picture! My biggest pet peeve are individuals who aren’t on time. What a unique spin on being balanced and making time. I will make sure to consult with my “CEO’s” daily 🙂

  • Love your ideas Donovan. Wow, a great post. Sure wish you were my “teacher” as I had my kids. They are now grown. One lady recently told me of her 8 year old wanted to have a basketball and hoop. They came up with a plan on what duties he could do to raise the money. What great lessons for kids this young to learn.

  • Hi Donovan, never thought about the meeting with CEO. Great lesson to learn and use in my family. I am going to meet my CEO’s and discuss their plan. Love your money making mthod for kids … dish washing ..awesome. Thank you budy

  • It is my best quote! Yes – you have to make time! Great ideas-thanks Donovan!:)

  • Michele M Tremblay

    Thanks Donovan. I use every opportunity I can to just be with my sons. Is there anything else more important?

  • I love how you are teaching your children responsibility, but more importantly, your calling your time together a meeting with the CEO is showing the importance you put on your time with him. I love that! Such a great article!

  • Donovan,
    Great post! That time with kids is just as important as spending it with a CEO. Thanks for showing the importance of this in the article.

  • Great post & very touching. It’s an eye-opener as well, for me. You see I’m someone who is always on time, if not early, for any appointments and meetings. However, when meetings went longer than expected, I am always late for appointments with my kids. There were even times when ours had to be cancelled because I was way too late… You reminded me not to take them for granted. I must respect them and I must make others respect the appointment I have set with my children as well because they are as important.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Hey Ruziha, Thanks for stopping by. It’s good to hear this was an eye opener for you too. The thing is that it is so easy for us to get caught up in daily travail, that we can easily take our eyes and our minds away from those who are most important to us. I hope this post helps you to keep all your appointments with your children.

  • Hi Antoine, yes we got to treat the kids like they are the CEO!

  • Thanks Elvie. We have the power to develop tomorrows men and women sharing our values and empowering them to see themself as important.

  • Michele, you got it! And th best bit is that they will love you for it even more.

  • Hi Solvita, thanks for popping by.

  • James, I’m sure the kids will love to tell you their plans.

  • Larissa, you CEO’s will love you even more when you consult with them!

  • Alvi

    I put my watch forward 5 minutes.
    Great advice Donovan..

  • Hey Alvi, thanks for popping by. I look forward to sharing more stories with you.