How To Show Your Talents When You Speak In Public?

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How To Show Your Talents When You Speak In Public?

By Donovan Grant

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Speaking in public, giving a presentation, conversing with varying people in such a way that is engaging is part of being a marketable person. Good communication skills are crucial in today’s society.

Having a head full of knowledge, being able to quote chapter and verse, wearing the right attire all help with appearance but do nothing with out this main factor.

So what is the top tale of public speaking? What entices the listener and keeps them ‘on the edge of their seat’ so you’ll find tough to believe that you are doing the thing that is reported to be the # 1 fear most people have in their lives.

A personal connection with your audience will always give you a better outcome than giving copious amounts of knowledge or dressing the part.

Without this simple attribute you'll create some impact but never reach the potential you are capable of.

But, speaking in public really is scary stuff, isn't it? Because by sharing from your authentic voice with your audience you might just end up making some new friends.

When I get the chance to speak in business I don't see clients and customers, but an audience waiting to be entertained. They are just men and women, like you and I who are seeking to be their best, give their best and get the in what they do. They are my friends.

When you conduct business, whether as a buyer or a seller, it takes more than just talking the talk and knowing the right words to say.

Could this by why so many technically and intellectually gifted people can have a great track record but when it comes to being the go to person they fall short?

A personal connection with your listeners will need you to let yourself go. The focus will be all about your listener and how best to serve them. Sadly, most speakers are too concerned about how they look or sound and never really get in touch to the listener. All they tend to get across is the hard facts, figures and outcome.

Only focusing on the outcome doesn’t offer the highest result!

You'll know when you've given an authentic message when they share part of their personal message. They enjoy the connection with you and you develop a better working relationship over the long term. Your name will move up to the top of their list of interesting.

Even though we are in the computer age, there is no substitute for interpersonal skills. Public speaking is a crucial skill to increase your value and marketability whatever industry you are in and that includes people studying too.

I keep hearing people say that they hate speaking in public. Some people shy away if they can and when they do have to speak they don't have that close connection. They are un-practiced and out of the ‘loop’. Speaking has helped me greatly in business and socially for several years.

Speaking and listening allows me to relate with people instantly! They talk to me, connect with me, share with me and do business with me. No more hiding behind the hard facts, figures and outcomes. It’s all about the connection.

Here's five simple steps to help you on your way . . .

  1. Find a speaker that you enjoy listening to and use them as a model
  2. Study them – if they have a book or audio buy it
  3. Start speaking as often as you can using the skills you pick up
  4. Be authentic – Your voice, your persona, you style
  5. I look forward to hearing your next speech!


One final question for you to ponder…

What are some of the ways you can imagine putting your new public speaking into action in the days, weeks and months to come?

We love you!  Thank you for allowing us to serve you each and everyday! 

 DG ElbowDonovan Grant is a "Honest and True Step By Step Career change" expert. His systems help the average career changer as well as high flier get extra-ordinary results quickly.

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