Youth Results!!

RESULTS!!!!!  YOUNG voices inspire us! YOUNG voices humble us!! YOUNG voices empower us to keep sharing what we do best!!


"Before attending the workshops I was very unreliable and headless and wasn’t confident in feeling positive at all times. Since taking part I have learnt that I should never put myself down and when I achieve something I must celebrate. I feel that I can now state my strengths and know how to improve my weaknesses. Our mentor was excellent and a great person." Ruma, aged 15

"I was not aware of how much I could raise my confidence and feel good about myself. I have now discovered ways to make myself feel good about myself and I am now able to evaluate my surroundings and actions around me that can affect how I feel. Donovan was great fun and easy to understand." Muji, aged 16

"Before coming to the workshops I was curious as to what to expect. I was not extremely keen on studying, worked well but not to best of my ability. By taking part in the sessions I have discovered myself! I know that sounds extreme, but now I am able to be positive about myself without doubting myself. I can say something good about myself that will make me improve on that thing and increase my self esteem and perform to the best of my ability. Our mentor was a fun, active and outgoing guy." Taleonire, aged 15

"I was not confident about myself and when I was in a bad mood or called names I would stay negative for the whole day. I have learnt how to control my feelings when I’m in a bad mood which is very difficult. I stay focused in class and do my work up to my fullest. As a result of mentoring classes I am now able to motivate myself to do better and put a smile on my face when I am angry. Our presenter was like a friend. He put a smile on my face and I am honoured to be in his group." Tarek, aged 16

"The coaching sessions helped me to have more confidence, to think clearly and by thinking more positive I can achieve more stuff. I am now able to motivate myself when I wish. Our coach was good fun to work with." Josh, aged 15

"Before the coaching sessions I was low on confidence and worried about certain aspects of life. I discovered that goal setting can help towards achieving something. I am now able to be more confident about myself. Donovan was a relaxed, enjoyable and funny coach." Liam, aged 16

"I didn’t know what coaching was before this program. I found that by motivating yourself you can become much more near your aims and goals. I am now able to get stuff done on time, and not think that I can’t do things." Sally, aged 15